Thursday, February 27, 2014

1Malaysia Entrepreneurship (1MeT) Opportunities

1Malaysia Entrepreneurship (1MeT) is one of the initiatives under the National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS) 9. NBOS is in fact an integral part of the Government’s drive in transforming Malaysia into a developed country focusing on social transformation agenda. The objective of the transformation agenda, alongside with Economic Transformation Program (ETP) and Government Transformation Program (GTP) is creating a wealthy and happy Malaysia. The aim is to have Malaysians in all walks of life will not complain much on problems like unemployment, high rate of taxes, low purchasing power, insufficient income or security concerns. In other words the objective of the transformations is to create a happy country.

The essence of 1MeT is to enable entrepreneurs from all segments of society to successfully start and grow their own businesses. There will be plenty of programs in store to achieve that objective and the Government has outlined several entrepreneurship-related efforts to be carried out all year round. One of those efforts is the creation of 5,000 youth entrepreneurs every year.

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